Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sunny Days aren't Far Away

Today's outfit is all about the sun! Where i am it's a cold rainy day out, and i can't stop thinking about how in three weeks i'll be in sunny cuba! This outfit is based on this elegant black romper from Forever XXI for $29.80.

 The shoes for thsi outfit are Roxy sandals with a black braided strap for $25.60. These sandals add some casual beachyness to the otherwise somewhat formal romper.

 Next is the sun hat from Roxy for $28.00! No one wants to get a burnt face or have to rub oily sunscreen on it!

 To make this outfit not just any beachgoing outfit, we add this gold necklace with cream beads on it for a bit of flair! $9.80 from Forever XXI

 And lastly, to add some colour, is this pink tote from Forever XXI for 29.80. Colour is always necessary for the beach.

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