Thursday, 24 January 2013

Black and White: Outfit after the runway trend

 Today's outift honors the early spring runway trend of black and white. The main piece is this black shift dress from Forever XXI for 23.80

 The clutch is from Aldo Accessories for $30.00. It incorperates a bit of leather and a bit of bling to this otherwise formal look.
 The next item is black over the knee socks from Forever XXI. I think long socks with a short dress is just adorable, as they add some cute girlyness to any outfit, and these are only $4.80.

 For shoes, we have these black short heeled leather boots from Suzy Sheir for $40.00, The tie in the front makes this look alittle more casual.

 For your wrist, and as the only piece of jewellery for this outfit, we have a double braid wraparound watch from Wet Seal for $22.50. It's such a nice piece it needed to be the singular piece of jewelery. If you remember anything from this, remember that Wet Seal knows how to make watches.
 The last accessory is this white belt from Wet Seal for $7.50. It should wrap around the waist of the dress to give it alittle shape.

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