Thursday, 24 January 2013

Runway Trends of Spring 2013

The first big runway trend this spring is the peekaboo dress. This is any dress with a cut out in a strategic area. This spring they were mostly midriff cutouts. This has been a red carpet trend for awhile. Below is a picture of Blake Lively sporting a black cutout.

This next trend, is, in my opinion, the most likely to reach the everyday woman. It is the shorts suit. I find these absolutely adorable and somehow professional at the same time. I personally can't wait to get myself one of these.

 The third big runway trend is the bold brights. This is a traditional spring trend, but this year it went farther. I like that alot of the desighners used pastel colours instead of the traditional brights, and yet somehow it made them pop even more. Ironically, another big trend was black and white. So, the two opposites are now fully functioning at the same time.

 Another theme on the runway was the white cut out dresses. This spring desighners are really likeing geometric styles like stripes and polka dots as well. I think this one was a slightly bigger hit as the cutouts in white are great for showing off tan skin.

 Leather leather everywhere! Leather is officially back in. Whether its a dress, a jacket, pants, or boots, leather is cool, and is being used in many different ways, that seem to be working.

 The last trend i will point out for this spring is sheer fabrics. Along with the peekaboo and cutout dresses, there is a trend for showing more skin strategically and with class. I think this look is very very it has alittle bit of a mysterious feeling to it.

So, when shopping for your look this spring, keep these trends in mind. Then you can pull off a runway look without the runway price.

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