Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Doesn't every woman love fashion? We all want to look good and to be recognized for what we wear. Fashion can be difficult as styles are always changing and developing. Also, the industry is so desperately sought after by women everywhere that the distributers are able to make good fashion pricey. This blog is an attempt to make fashion affordable for the average budget.

         Today's outfit is built around a navy blue and pink pin striped blazer from Forever XXI for only $23.66. To go underneath, is a light pink bustier top from Garage for $16.90. It helps to bring our the subtle pink in jthe blazer, while not over-powering anything. The pants are a legging type, pull on with double pocket zippers from Suzy Sheir for only $25.00. They add alittle edge and make the outfit hot. To accessorize I found some short brown boots off the clearance rack at Suzy for $16.94. The brown coulor tones down the edgier pant. For hair, we have a light pink headband with a small bow from forever XXI for only $1.80. The ring has a gold anchor on it to accent the slight sailor look from the blazer. To top it all off, we have a matchstick bib necklace from Forever XXI for $11.80 to add alittle falre of class.

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