Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Trends....good or bad?

 Trending now is this new look for your nails. It can be done with any colours, all you need is to paint the top and the underside of your nails different colours. Alot of people like the black and red, Louboutin style, that is themed after Christian Louboutin's famous pumps. I personally love this look cause i like having my nails more subtle on the top, and now i can get more fun coulours in without overpowering anything. Although, growing my nails this long is a challenge! So, what do you think? Good or bad? 

 The next new trend is this ring and bracelet combo called the Slave Bracelet. I picked a simple one for this picture, but these come in so many different styles from simple to very complicated. I adore this look despite some nminor hand movement restrictions. I think it makes your hand look delicate. So...Good or Bad?

 The last trend i've discovered is this double necklace look. I can't find what it is called, so that is what i will refer it too. The one pictured is from Aldo. I can't decide if I like this or not. I think it's gives off a droopy feel, but in general, I like very non-flowy clothing styles. So what do you think...good or bad? 

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