Friday, 1 February 2013

oh how we long for summer....

 Today i decided to do a random post of new trends, and some of my favourite older ones. It's just a bit of a mish-mash of good things. The first things I have here is the patterened tights. These are super cute. as you can see in these two pictures, and they really add to the normally boring tight look. Both of the ones i have pictures are hearts, cause i personally love them, but there are many other patterns on the market. Esspecially at Ardenes, they have these in tons of styles for only three for ten!

 The second fashion trend is, the satchel. From Indiana Jones to Flynn Rider, the satchel is infamouse in theatre, and now it is in fashion as well. This trend has been going on for a while and has been developing as it does. Recently, the brighter colours and the two straps on the front are the most common, but really, any satchel is appreciated.

 The last trend is the modern day hippie. We love the hippies and their relaxed attitude to life. We love how they came up with things like evironmentalism and smoking weed, and now we even mimik their dress. There's something about the summeriness and carefreeness of their clothing that makes it only come out in the summer. So, get out your headbands, florals, and loose fitting shirts, it's gonna be a peaced out summer :).

 I posted this because it's such a cute outfit! I found this on pinterest, and immediately fell in love.

 I posted this because, i haven't posted anything makeup or hair on this blog yet, and those two things are pivotal to fashion. Unfortunately, they really aren't my strong point, and I'm terrible at doing them, so they interest me less. However, this hairstyle really caught my eye because it joins together two big trends, the big poof, and the braid.If i could do this, i totally would, but i don't ahve anything near the skills or the right hair type. So for those of you have the hair and the skill, here is something to try to add some edge to a formal night.

 I posted this picture because it envelopes the entire reason I'm doing this blog. We will overcome this problem!  

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