Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Badass Can be Classy

Badass Can be Classy

I have returned from my trip to Cuba! It was warm and sunny and the salt water gave my hair and instant beachy boho look that i loved :). However, now that i am back i need to get back on to posting on my blog. Thankfully, i found this site, Polyvore, that makes creating outfits much simpler and even helps with inspiration!
This outfit is themed after the leather jacket with studs. I was purusing the outerwear, and couldn't resits makeing an outfit around this piece, esspecially because i wore my own lether jacket today. I love that it has the traingle opening at the bottom, so i put a short top with it so your belly button could be seen. The ear cuff goes with the look from the studs on the jacket, and i used it because ear cuffs are begining to make an appearance in everyday fashion. The shoes i picked are there to tone the look down so it's not goth, and the cuff is included because unless you're going to a funeral, every outfit needs some colour :).
While attempting to make my first Polyvore outift, I was very happy to discover that even on this site, I could still find affordable fashion. :)

River island
$38 -

Charlotte russe jeans

Gathering Eye ear cuff jewelry
$15 -

Punk rock jacket

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