Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Season Party Dresses

One of the best parts of the Christmas holidays is all the parties that are hosted during the season. With the parties, comes the pressure to bring your 'A' game for your wardrobe. When you have a wide variety of parties from family gatherings, to office parties, to New Years celebrations with friends, its impossible to afford a new outfit for each and get all your Christmas gifts. However, every situation has different requirements for outfits.
       A family Christmas requires less formal and more conservative dress. For this situation you can generally use items from your wardrobe. Pairing a skirt with a knit sweater, or leggings and heels dresses up a normal outfit.
       An office Christmas Party most likely requires something a little more formal. If your work and New Year's friends don't overlap you can get away with wearing the same dress to both events and save on both. if, however, some friends overlap, you may  be able to restyle it with different shoes, jewelry, and a jacket.
       One of the best parts of dressing up for the holidays is being able to wear lots of sparkles and sequins to parties! It is simple to find a sparkly dress for a decent price that looks great. and is very festive.
      The Christmas season is also a time to wear a lot of black from your wardrobe. All black outfits can be classy and easy to make from different pieces of your wardrobe.
Another great idea is to share dresses with your friends. Swap them around for all of the events so you can change it up without having to spend!

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